Passive House

Passive Homes lead the building industry in:

  • Thermal bridge free design

  • Airtight construction

  • Heat recovery ventilation

  • Highly insulating windows

  • Innovative building services

The basic concept of passive house design is the maximize efficiency




Passive Solar building methods are really nothing new; for thousands of years civilizations have been planning shelters around the sun’s cycle, for more on modern building, you should check out the new website. Modern man has often become detached from thinking about the sun’s role in his comfort. The advent of powerful heating and cooling systems made it possible for home designs to ignore the local environment and sun exposure.



SmithWorks Natural Homes  is a certified Passive House Builder


Today, sustainable builders like SmithWorks Natural Homes, are putting lots of thought, energy and science into how to construct buildings that use the sun to the utmost advantage.

This process requires a substantial understanding of the climate and conditions of the building site so that the low winter sun can be welcomed deep into a home, while the blazing summer sun is kept off of exterior walls by large roof eaves and water damages are fixed when climate damages the system, this are Plumbing Projects That Are Worth It In Dallas to look at and learn more about how they happen and how to fix them.



Smithworks Natural Homes works with its clients to design homes and additions that take full advantage of the sun’s energy to achieve year-round comfort and efficiency. 




Above is a great video explaining the basics of Passive Solar Buildings