The Living Sanctuary

Paonia, CO

In this project, it was critical for the homeowners to create a sanctuary that nurtured their health due to high chemical sensitivity and past cancer diagnosis.  The EcoNest’s simple design was the perfect choice for their needs.  One of the many special features of this home is the use of Shoji Screen to create a unique natural lighting ambiance.  Solar panels and the masonry heater add to the renewable energy efficiency of this handcrafted home.

*CLICK HERE for an article written by the homeowner on information about the benefits of building a clay/straw home


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  • Clay/Straw Walls
  • Natural Plaster
  • Solar Panels
  • Adobe Earth Block
  • Shoji Screen
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Timber Framing
  • Masonry Heater



Paonia house


Paonia window


fascia detail


Paonia soffit


Paonia Timber frame


Paonia Straw clay framing


Paonia Timber frame



pine beetle soffit detail

shoji paonia


paonia adobe


Interior timber frame


Scribe detail