Efficient Eco Nest

Crested Butte, CO

This home is an example of an alternative residence meeting the demanding regulations of a historic district.  There is much more to this home than meets the eye.  On the outside, it appears to be a conventionally built dwelling.  However, it is a timber framed, clay/straw home integrating numerous renewable energy technologies.  In addition to the main house, SmithWorks recycled the remains of a historic homestead cabin to build a garage with office space.  Photovoltaic panels, solar hot water, and a Tulikivi masonry stove are used to heat and power the residence.  Tulikivi stoves are super efficient; they produce large amounts of heat using minimal wood.  It has such a clean burn, it exceeds the toughest emissions standards.  This is a distinctive home within the town of Crested Butte, Colorado.

Owner’s Goals: Natural home with clay/straw wall construction, zero toxicity with high performance


  • Clay/Straw Walls
  • Timber Frame
  • Photovoltaic Panels
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Earthen Plaster
  • Tulikivi Masonry Stove

 Crested Butte Mountain


Delaney exterior




fireplace room


delaney kitchen 2




knee brace


PV Panels





reclaimed barn garage


fireplace room 2




american clay plaster


stair detail


delaney bath





reclaimed garage


kitchen delaney


kitchen 3


american plaster


delaney bathroom


delaney fall