Zen Center

Crestone, CO

Nestled in the heart of the Sangre de Christo Mountains sits the tranquil town of Crestone, Colorado.  The Crestone Zen Center is the ideal setting for a straw/clay timber home due to it’s variable climate and connection with nature.  This 1,200 sqft EcoNest designed residence has superior indoor air quality creating a healthy and efficient home.   

Owner’s Goal: A naturally built home that compliments the natural surroundings.




  • Clay/Straw Walls
  • Timber Frame
  • Earthen Plaster


San de Christo Mountains


crestone timber frame


crestone clay straw


fresh clay/straw


Crestone spring 2015


Cale master plastering



crestone crane




First coat natural plaster crestone


2nd coat of plaster



crestone sunset


claystraw crestone


crestone prayer flags




Crestone natural Plaster


Window plaster detail