Contemporary Comfort

Crested Butte, CO

This is a classic Crested Butte, Colorado home in the heart of downtown.  One of the main goals of the homeowner’s goal was to construct a house with non-toxic materials because of high chemical sensitivity.  SmithWorks was able to tailor to their needs by using non-toxic finishes, natural plaster and reclaimed timbers throughout the house.  It is conventionally framed with high-performance insulation and house wrap.  This high-end home provides superior indoor air quality with custom and exquisite cabinetry.  This is a fine example of an inviting modern meets mountain style house.

Owner’s Goal: Zero toxicity healthy home


  • High Performance Insulation and House Wrap
  • Reclaimed Timbers
  • Non-toxic Finishes
  • Earthen Plaster Finish


Slate River

Reclaimed Timbers American Clay


23Teo Dining Table


23Teo Powder Room


23Teo Master Bedroom Deck


23Teo Bunk Room


Teocalli Master Bathroom


Teocalli side table










waltman back yard

Waltman entry


Waltman Garage


Reclaimed Timbers ceiling


waltman kitchen




Master Bed


window reflection


23Teo Custom Kitchen


23Teo Laundry Room Sink


23Teo Master Bedroom


23Teo Master Bath


23Teo Shared Bath


23Teo Laundry Rm





Waltman Back


arial garage


Waltman kitchen living


Bay window


Master Bed


entertainment room


deck view




23Teo Kitchen


23Teo Queen Bedroom


23Teo Queen's Bathroom


23Teo Entertainment Loft


23Teo Kids Room


Teocalli Timbers and American Clay


Teocalli Master Fireplace








waltman front door

waltman garage

Waltman back garage


reclaimed wood siding


waltman main living


closet loft


Master fireplace


gothic view