Classic Mountain Home

classic mnt home front

Crested Butte, CO

Originally, this home was constructed by the homeowner as log cabin kit.  Over the years as the family grew and there was a need to expand, but not lose the sentimental history of the log cabin.  SmithWorks, the designer and the owners teamed together to preserve the existing structure while integrating an addition to meet the needs of the growing family.  What makes this classic mountain home so special is the attention to detail with  customized cabinetry, a large hanging barn door, and exquisite carpentry.  The main highlight of the living space is a unique masonry heater that is able to rapidly and cleanly heat the entire home.  


    • Masonry Stove Heater
    • Natural Plaster
    • Timber Frame

Crested Butte Cattle



colorado cabin interior


colorado cabin kitchen2


colorado cabin cabinets


colorado cabin tub


colorado cabin bath2


red bedroom


cabin stairs


cabin addition



colorado cabin fireplace


colorado cabin bar


colorado cabin living


colorado bathroom sinks


steam shower


colorado cabin bedroom


red bed living


cabin deck


cabin addition back










colorado cabin living room


colorado cabin kitchen


colorado cabin bathroom


classic cabin bath


master bed




deck wine


cabin addition side