X Certifications and Affiliations


SmithWorks Natural Homes is a Passive House Institute US certified builder.  Passive House certified buildings take “green building” to new heights, whereby homes are designed and constructed as a whole system that integrates the home’s natural environment to best take advantage of the sun’s energy, providing greater year-round comfort and efficiency.


SmithWorks Natural Homes has been in an on-going scientific collaboration with Lou Host-Jablonski, Design Coalition, and Doug Piltingsrud PhD -Minnesota Scientist, to refine and perfect clay/straw building techniques.  SmithWorks continues to collaborate with these talented architects, designers and scientists as they research and adapt the clay/straw methods to be on the forefront of this building system.






Don Smith was introduced to the EcoNest Company in 1994 at a green building expo in Montrose Colorado.  Impressed with their building product and design, Don completed their training program and has since then used EcoNest systems in several projects.